Our story began way back in 1976, when we did T-shirt printing and operated out of a small plot of chicken farm land.

Even as a small outfit, we had long-term vision and believed fiercely in the philosophy "Do it right first". Over the next three decades, we worked hard and continuously upgraded our skill sets, manufacturing processes, and production equipment. Our perseverance paid off, and by 1986, our operation had leapfrogged to fivefold our original size. By 1997, we moved into our current premises at Simpang Ampat to cope with snowballing demand.

Today, we have 2 factories, covering a geographical area of 50000 sqm. We are capacity of producing high volumes of fabric, printing up to 1.5 million m of fabric per month or 60,000m fabric per day and supplying 100,000m packed and ready for delivery per day. Our staff has swelled to more than 100, ranging from production line workers to management administrators to highly skilled graphic designers.

With a swelling list of local and international satisfied customers and increasing industry recognition, we've certainly come a long way.

Today, OG Textile is recognized by industry stalwarts as Malaysia's leading textile solution and fabric services provider for home products and apparel.


Our strengths

1. Capacity for High Volumes

We believe in investing in state-of-the-art technology to ensure exceptional quality and high capacity.

With 7 flatbed belt machines, we can print up to 1.5 million m of fabric per month or 60,000m fabric per day. They also yield a sharper print detail.

Our machines are capable of printing from 48-119in fabric, and we can supply 100,000m packed and ready for delivery per day.

2. Exceptional Designs

We put very high emphasis on quality designs.

To meet our exacting standards, we employ a team of highly qualified professional designers and equip them with the best tools. Our workstations are graphical design machines specifically designed for this purpose.

Our solid design team is capable of generating more than 60 designs per month to suit different market potential.

Even with this formidable capacity, we believe that one should not rest on their laurels. Thus, we consistently send them for technical trainings to upgrade their skills and hold brainstorming sessions to keep up with market demands and trends.

3. An advanced production system

Our production system is one of the most sophisticated among Malaysian factories, and we implement best practices found in multinational corporations.

i. Just in time inventory. Instead of keeping a lot of raw materials, we replenish them when they are finished. This way, clients are reassured that materials are always fresh.
ii. In-house colour kitchen. For quality consistency, we set up our own colour kitchen to do the mixing and prepare the paste one tonne at a time.
iii. A 24 hour round-the-clock production. We have an in-house maintenance team to attend to mechanical faults or breakdowns asap. We understand the value of high uptime in business, as loss of production time translates into loss of revenue.

4. Rich Value add Options

We pride ourselves on being an all-in-one total solution provider.

Apart from being a Commercial Fabric Printing Services Provider, we also offer add-on services like Fabric Finishing and Treatment services. We have the following equipment:

i. A calendaring machine to give the fabrics an exceptionally smooth, shiny hand feel. Capacity: up to 85,000m per day

ii. A finishing machine. Capacity: up to 100,000m Finishing Fabric per day.
Two types of finishing are offered:

  • Hand Feel, such as Softener, Hardener, Wrinkle Free etc.
  • Functional Finishing, such as Water Repellant, Flame Retardant, Anti-mosquito, Anti-bacteria, Anti-fungal and etc.

iii. An embossing machine: up to 40,000m Embossing Fabric per day,

iv. An engraving mold making machine capable of making 110in width non-repeat design

v. A spacious warehouse equipped with safety features. Storage capacity: up to 6,000,000m fabric

Our philosophy - Local company, global vision

Our motto is "Do it right first".

Our 30-year-old track record speaks for itself. With a single-minded focus on giving customers a total solution and full satisfaction, our products and solutions enable them to achieve their business needs.

Our business continuity is assured. We are continually training and scouting for new blood to take over the reins and provide fresh injection of innovative ideas.
We practice an open door policy and welcome feedback from our clients so that we can continuously improve our service to you.

We care about the environment. We have a complete water treatment system to refine and purify waste matters from factory processes.

Not only are we well-known in the local market, our products also have gained a strong global presence via our customers in the USA, Asia and Europe.

We may be a locally based company, but we embrace a global vision.

Partner Opportunities

As we grow in strength and capacity, we're more than ready to go direct into the global marketplace. In line with our business expansion, we welcome interested individuals and companies to join us as partners in the 21st century. Please contact us at the following:

No. 1565 (Lot 3606),
Jalan IKS Simpang Ampat,
Taman IKS Perda,
14100 Simpang Ampat,
S.P.(S), Pulau Pinang,

TEL:    (604) 588 1188
FAX:    (604) 588 1199
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Name:   Mr. Jeffry
Title:    Business Development Manager
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